Artifact: Stakeholder Document
Stakeholder Document


The Stakeholder Document identifies all potential Stakeholders that may have a vested interest in the success of an initiative.



Main Description

The Stakeholder Document is a list of the stakeholders for a particular initiative, their role and responsibilities for the initiative. The Stakeholder Document includes assessments of the stakeholder’s attitude and influence over the initiative and which stakeholders will have authority over business analysis activities.

Brief Outline

The Stakeholder Document includes the following sections for each stakeholder:

·         ID

·         Stakeholder/Group Name

·         Responsibility

·         Concerns

·         Success Criteria

·         Type

·         Authority Level

·         Influence Score

Selected Representation

The Stakeholder Document is a word document.


Key Considerations

Some individuals may be called on to play a variety of stakeholder roles on the same project, as well as on different roles on different projects.


Impact of not having

With identification of the Stakeholder's key roles, groups could be overlooked causing potential failures later on down the line of the project due to impact on areas that were not involved, missing business requirements, and conflicting system design that requires costly development fixes for integration of data.