Artifact: Milestone Plan
Milestone Plan


A decision tool for proceeding on to the Planning or Execution phase of the project.


Parent Deliverables


Main Description

The Milestone Plan is a planning tool for estimating project cost and schedule. The Milestone Plan is developed in the Project Initiation or Planning phase. It estimates project cost and schedule to + or - 50% for the Initiation phase or + or - 10% for the Planning phase. Completion of the High Level Plan is required to move a project from the Initation phase to the Execution phase. Completion of the Detail Plan is required to move a project from the Planning phase to the Execution phase.

To complete this plan within the PPM Tool, you will need to:

  1. Create the WorkPlan - which is your schedule.
  2. Create the Staffing Profile - which is your estimated internal resources.
  3. Create the Financial Summary - which is your external costs.

Key Considerations

This is a required artifact for all projects with a total cost of $15,000 or more.