Deliverable: Training Plan
Training Plan


Creating a training plan encourages the project team to consider the training strategy and implementation relatively early in the project, rather than addressing training as an afterthought. In addition, this plan encourages the project and business teams to claim joint ownership of the training process, leading to strong cross-team collaboration.


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Main Description

A training plan describes the key decisions, tasks, and resources needed to develop a strategy for delivering training for a project. The purpose of the training program is to develop knowledge and skills so individuals can perform their roles efficiently and effectively.

Training is generally a responsibility of the organization, but IT projects must identify the needed skills and provide the necessary training to properly equip the user community and support teams. Depending on the situation, the training plan must address not only technical training, but also business process training to ensure that business teams understand how the software fits within their other job responsibilities.

Key Considerations

Training should be considered early in the process to prevent oversight.