Artifact: IT Governance Board Slide Deck
IT Governance Board Slide Deck


To consistently communicate the status of projects, budget and staffing to the IT Governance Board.


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Main Description This is a template for content for an IT Governance Board Meeting. This standard format slide deck is utilized to communicate to the IT Governance Boards. It will cover the standard items that need to be covered in each meeting. Additional slides may be added at the discretion of the Program Manager or Business Segment Director.
Brief Outline

The content of the slide deck includes:

1.    A title slide.

2.    A Content Overview slide.

3.    The Service Level slides for Service Desk service.

4.    The Resource utilization for the staff that are specifically dedicated to a program or agency. This slide can be modified to meet the agency needs for staff utilization reporting.

5.    The agency or program opportunity map, updated as of the meeting.

6.    The Program Budget, for reference at each meeting as well as for any recommended changes.

7.    Project Review, the sections that need to be covered during the project review are:

a.    Completed Projects since last meeting.

b.    Status of the projects (Scorecard).

c.    Projects that are ready to move or need additional budget approved. These may include High Level or Detail Level Plans for the projects.

8.    Issues and Risks that need the Governance Board’s awareness.


Next Meeting – Items that need to be discussed at the next meeting.



Impact of not having Inadequate communication.
Reasons for not needing Should be considered required at each governance board meeting, unless a special meeting has been called to discuss a specific topic.