Deliverable: Communication Plan
Communication Plan


The Communication Plan identifies and assesses the communication needs of all project stakeholders. It addresses what format, how often, who is responsible, and how feedback is gathered.


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Main Description

The Communication Plan facilitates clear and timely dissemination of information, while holding specific people accountable for ensuring communications are executed. To further ensure the likelihood that all planned communications take place, project communications should be incorporated into the project calendar or project plan as a reminder or a task to be completed.


Communication Plans are critical for providing accurate and timely information and for preventing rumors, resentment, surprise and shock among stakeholders. Designing and executing a project communication plan facilitates commitment to change by increasing awareness and providing relevant information to all stakeholders.


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Key Considerations

Spending time on the type of communications you want to send and how those communications are delivered will help to ensure that your communication activities are focused and that the needs of your audience are met as effectively as possible.


Impact of not having Lack of direction and unclear communication on project; disorganization; lack of follow-through; frustrated stakeholders and team members; missed deadlines; budget overruns.
Reasons for not needing If a project is very small in nature, does not have external customers or if the standard status report is all that is needed for communication with the project team and stakeholders.