Artifact: Agenda/Minutes


Meeting Agendas serve the following purposes:

·         Provide an outline for the meeting. They can be used as a checklist to ensure that all intended information is discussed.

·         Lets attendees know what will be discussed. If the agenda is distributed beforehand, it prepares the attendees for discussion of the meeting’s topics.

·         Provides a focus for the meeting (the purpose of the meeting should be clearly stated in the agenda). Meeting Minutes serve to document the outcome and decisions of the meeting, including action items.


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Main Description

An agenda is a list of meeting topics in the order in which they are to be discussed. An agenda may, but is not required to, include specific times for the discussion topics.

Brief Outline

An Internal Meeting Agenda should contain the following categories:


·         Title of the Meeting

·         Date

·         Time

·         Location

·         Purpose

·         Facilitator

·         Attendees

·         Topic(s) of Discussion / Time

·         Action Items / Responsible Party / Due Date

·         Parking Lot Items




Impact of not having

Disorganized meetings, items without follow-up.

Reasons for not needing

Impromptu, casual meetings do not require an agenda.