Task: Send Notifications
Send Notifications
Disciplines: Service Management


To notify customers of outages, announcements, etc.


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    Main Description

    Users can sign up for notifications through the notification system located at: https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/OKOMES/subscriber/new

    By signing up, they will receive notifications sent to the respective groups they sign up for. Service Owners can then request a notification be sent out by opening a CRM Case requesting a notification be sent to a specific group.


    Submit Service Desk Case
    A notification is requested by submitting a Service Desk Case. The Service Desk Case should include any special instructions, additional personnel requiring notification (outside the standard notification list), all information needed to complete the message. Refer to the ISD System Outage Notification Procedure included in guidance below for format and definitions of outages.
    Send Notification

    Key Considerations

    Full update access to the CRM System and Phone