Task: Review Assigned Cases & Enhancements
Review Assigned Cases & Enhancements
Disciplines: Service Management


To assure all cases are being managed and completed within the designated SLA (Service Level Agreement).


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Main Description

A Service Owner will need to review all their cases on a daily basis, and many times, on a more frequent basis to assure they are being assigned to staff, elevated and completed on time. These include Assigned, Escalated, Elevated and Problem Cases.


Assign Pending Cases

Utilizing the CRM system and based on email notifications; Assign all cases to staff within the SLA response requirement. This step may need to be delegated to staff so that while the service owner is not available or does not have access to the CRM system, this step can continue.

Review Assigned Cases

Utilizing the CRM System,
Each Morning and other times during the day that it is needed:

  1. Run a search for all cases assigned to your provider group that are still in pending to ensure all cases have been assigned out; if not, assign them to the appropriate staff.
  2. Run a search for all cases assigned to your provider group but not resolved; you are looking for cases assigned to staff that are not in the office today, these would need to be reassigned, are reaching their SLA limit, have been in a waiting on partner status.
Review Assigned Problem Cases
On a weekly basis, review the problem cases within the CRM tool assigned to your provider group. These will need to be assigned to staff and reviewed for progress. At a minimum, the notes in these cases need to be updated on a monthly basis, prior to the monthly problem review meeting, and any other time activity has occurred on the case. These cases will be reviewed at a monthly problem case review meeting with management.

If the problem needs Enhancements created, create enhancements.
Review Enhancements

Review the assigned enhancement by logging into the PPM Tool and navigating to the Enhancement Shared Dashboard for your provider group, or if you have created a personalized dashboard you will review that. You are looking to assure enhancements have been assigned and are being completed according to the due dates and priorities.

There are two types of Enhancement Requests in the PPM Tool. One follows the software development lifecycle and is used for Software Enhancements; the second one is for IT Enhancements and follows a custom workflow created specifically for ISD Technical Services to manage the Technical Services enhancement requests for hardware and software deployment.

Key Considerations

  1. Access to the CRM System.
  2. Access to the PPM Tool.
  3. Access to Outlook.
    • Email Establishing Saved Searches to aid in the review of cases for the following:
    • Cases assigned to a specific provider group in pending cases assigned to a specific provider group not resolved