Task: Perform Annual CIO Survey
Perform Annual CIO Survey
Disciplines: Customer Service


Provide opportunity for customers to express concerns, suggestions and opinions in an easy format that will provide analysis and factors for OMES/ISD to consider regarding improvement of service.


Main Description

Update the CIO Survey on the CIO Website in effort to receive customer satisfaction feedback.


Review Survey Questions with Leadership

Schedule Meeting with: State CIO, CAO, all BSDs.
Review the questions, determining the following:

  1. Questions – Determine if there needs to be a change in the questions from last year; provide the ISD Leadership with the previous questions for review.
  2. Audience – Who will receive the email to take the survey?
  3. Deadline for responding to survey – What is the date that we want the surveys completed by?
  4. Date to send survey out – When do we want the survey to go out?
Update Survey Questions

Update the survey questions and post to the CIO website. The staff with the responsibility of updating the state CIO website will be the one that will do the actual updates to the site. They will need the following information:

  1. Updated questions.
  2. Email addresses that will receive the responses to the survey.
Send Email to Audience with a Link to the Survey
Based on the results from the executive meeting, draft the email to the determined audience, requesting a due date for completing the survey. The email will actually go out by the state CIO, once the email is drafted and ready to send. Send the email content to the state CIO so that he/she can send the email out.
Gather Results of the Survey

As the survey results are received, put them in the following folder:
//Customer Service/Annual Survey/FYnnnn/Detail Results

Create Survey Responses

The final survey report will be in an Excel format and will include:

  1. Tab 1 – Agency List - A full list of agencies, with the ones denoted that are to be surveyed.
  2. Tab 2 – All Responses – A list of agencies that responded to the survey and their responses by question.
  3. Tab 3 – Text Responses – A list of agencies with their text responses for each text response question.
  4. Tab 4 – Metrics – The metrics for each category.
  5. Tab 5 – Charts – The charts to be used for publications.
Create Survey Presentation
  1. Create a PowerPoint with the survey results for each agency that responded for the annual review meeting.
  2. Create an overall PowerPoint with the survey results for the state CIO review.

Key Considerations

  • Direction from OMES/ISD leadership on content direction of survey.
  • Direction from OMES/ISD leadership as to the intended audience.
  • Keep current survey or change content.