Task: Organize Pilot Testing Efforts
Organize Pilot Testing Efforts
Disciplines: Release Management


Pilot testing is "pre-release" testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries out the product. Pilot testing serves two purposes. First, it gives the product a controlled "real-world" test, and second, it provides a preview of the next release.


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Select Pilot Testers
The Deployment Manager should choose a few select individuals from the user group to test the solution. These should be individuals who know what the expected requirements are and how the solution should work.
Conduct Pilot Testing

Participants in the pilot program will need to come in to test the solution.

Review Results

The Deployment Manager gathers and reviews the feedback, and raises Change Requests based on reviewer feedback. The Change Requests are submitted as part of Change Control mechanism for review by the Change Control Board. The Change Control Board determines the relative importance of each request, and whether it warrants further action. The Deployment Manager should prepare a Results Evaluation Summary, and brief the project on the specifics of the pilot feedback.