Task: Manage Acceptance Testing
Manage Acceptance Testing
Disciplines: Release Management


To ensure the solution is deemed acceptable to the customer prior to its general release.


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    Main Description

    The Deployment Manager organizes the installation of the solution on one or more Test Environment Configurations that represent an environment acceptable to the customer. In some cases, this environment will actually be the production deployment environment itself.

    Once installed, the tester typically runs through a pre-selected set of tests—usually based on a selected subset of the existing Test Suites—and determines the Test Results. The Deployment Manager and other stakeholders review the Test Results for anomalies. If there are "show stoppers", the Deployment Manager raises Change Requests that require immediate attention and resolution, and may delay or postpone subsequent plans for deployment to a wider user base.


    Ensure Readiness for Fomal Test

    Acceptance testing is formal testing conducted to determine whether or not a solution satisfies its acceptance criteria, and to enable the customer, user or authorized entity to determine whether or not to accept the system. Acceptance testing is often conducted at the development site, and then at the customer site using the target environment.


    How the customer evaluates the deliverable artifacts, to determine whether they meet a predefined set of acceptance criteria, is described in the Acceptance Plan. The Acceptance Plan describes the roles, responsibilities, required resources, tasks, test cases and acceptance criteria required to determine the acceptability of the product.


    The System Administrator needs to ensure that the infrastructure (hardware and software resources) and support software are ready for the upcoming test activities.

    Initiate Testing

    Once the Deployment Manager is satisfied with respect to the readiness of all items that need to be tested, they follow the agreed upon test schedule outlined in the Acceptance Plan. Testing begins when all participants required for witnessing and running the test are present.

    The tester loads all the software and test data files, and proceeds with testing using the collection of test cases, test procedures, test scripts, and expected test results in the test model. Test results are recorded together with any discrepancies between the expected and actual results.

    Review Results

    Test results should be reviewed at the end of each testing iteration. At this meeting, results for each test case need to be reviewed and noted as being "acceptable" or "not acceptable". The minutes of the meeting need to record any significant discussions and decisions.


    For the test results that are considered to be "unacceptable", the Deployment Manager can raise Change Requests for the anomalies, and submit them as part of Change Control mechanism for review by the Change Control Board.