Task: Log Customer Concern
Log Customer Concern
Disciplines: Customer Service


To provide a tracking of all customer complaints and concerns.


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    Main Description

    To be able to track all customer complaints and concerns, an “informational” CRM Case is created and assigned to the ISD Customer Service Relationship Manager.


    Create CRM Case

    Log into the CRM Self Service System.
    Create a CRM Case.

    1. Change the Employee from yourself to the Agency Name by clicking Edit Employee and changing it to the Agency name.
    2. In the detail description put in the following:
      Please create Case:
      Type: Informational
      SubType: <Complaint(use this if the customer has complained to you about service received from ISD) or Heads Up (use this if you are aware of an issue that is about to become a complaint or you see service that was not delivered to standard, but the customer did not complain)>
      Please Assign to: ISD Customer Service Provider Group
      Product: Customer Support
      Problem Type: <put in the agency number and name; example 265-Education Department><:put the Department 265-Education example name; and number agency in>
      Description: <outline the complaint or issue>

    Key Considerations

    Access to the CRM System.