Task: Identify Product Criticality Level
Identify Product Criticality Level
Disciplines: Customer Service


To allow products supported by ISD to be identified at critical to elevate the SLA of those products, regardless of the normal rating that would be given.


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    Main Description

    Identification of products supported on behalf of a partner agency or affiliate that would allow the automatic elevation of their priority or SLA anytime those products have a CRM ticket issued against them.


    Identify the Products
    Meet with the agency and review their list of products/applications, determine if there are any that are%EOL%critical to the agency business as defined by the Critical Application and Product list.
    Add a list of products to the SLA
    Add a list of products to the SLA which would need to have their incident raised to an Incident 1 regardless of how many users or the type of issue they are having.

    This would exclude Password Resets and Service Requests.

    All products that are identified as critical in nature will need to be added to the Appendix C of the SLA and titled: Critical Products.

    Key Considerations

    Knowledge of the business needs