Task: Hold Customer Meetings
Hold Customer Meetings
Disciplines: Customer Service


To keep informed about the customer’s needs.


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Main Description

Hold Customer Meetings in order to maintain the customer relationship and stay informed about what is going on with the customer, touch base with them regarding issues, billing, etc.


Hold Regular Customer Contact Meetings

On a periodic basis, at least monthly for large and medium agencies and at least quarterly for smaller agencies, an ISD representative should meet with each agency:

1. Executive Management – The BSD should meet with executive management to discuss strategic direction of the agency, needs and issues they may have.

2. Line Support Management – The ABRM should meet with key line management staff or executive management regarding any outstanding issues they may be having – taking a list of the current open CRM Tickets and complaints.

Hold Annual SLA Review Meeting
On an annual basis, the BSD and ABRM will meet with the Agency Executive Leadership to review their new SLA.
Hold Review meetings for Quotes

Anytime the customer has requested a new service or quote for additional services, the ABRM and/or BSD, along with the appropriate service owner or the proposal coordinator, will meet with the customer to assure the quote is correct and it meets the agency’s needs. This meeting is also used to clarify requirements and needs.