Task: Escalate CRM Case
Escalate CRM Case
Disciplines: Customer Service


To provide customers and staff a way to Escalate a CRM Case.


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      Main Description

      Cases previously elevated (yet unresolved) or of such merit and weight as described above may be formally escalated.
      Escalation management brings structure and focused management attention to customer situations that would otherwise result in a high level of customer dissatisfaction.
      Essentially, escalations result in stopping all work and working on the incident that has been escalated.


      Escalated Case

      A case can be escalated by either calling the Customer Service Representative directly, clicking the Escalate button on the case, or calling the Service Desk and having them escalate the case. Cases involving Elected Officials, Cabinet Secretaries, Agency Directors and employees of the Governor’s office should be escalated regardless of the incident. The following are the steps to escalate a case.

      1. Staff communicates the need for a case to be escalated.
      2. Adds a note to the case detailing why the case is escalated.
        • The appropriate note-type is selected.
          • Escalated – Customer.
          • Escalated – Other.
      3.  Assigns Service Manager, Service Desk Supervisor, Agency Business Relationship Manager (ABRM), and Customer Account Representative as interested parties on the case.
      4. Escalation button checked.
      5. An Escalation Manager is identified by the Business Quality Director and the case begins to follow the Escalation process.

      Key Considerations

      Attention to detail; ability to follow through; excellent communication skills; knowledge of process and procedure within OMES/ISD.


      Cases could be elevated instead of escalated, elevated cases do not result in stopping work to work on the incident, but bring attention to the case as important and needing to be completed at the earliest possible time.