Task: Develop Support and Operational Materials
Develop Support and Operational Materials
Disciplines: Release Management


To produce the collateral needed to effectively deploy the solution to the users.


RolesPrimary Performer: Additional Performers:

    Main Description

    Writing good end-user materials involves organizing information for ease of access, writing instructions in a way that is easy to follow, and structuring information so that it is easy to skim, yet provide sufficient information for novices.


    Produce a High Level Plan for the Information

    Identify what information needs to be included in each of the manuals for the different audiences.

    Specify the Contents in Detail

    Identify in detail what needs to be included in the manuals, what sections there will be, definitions to include, etc.

    Implement the Information Contents

    Write the manuals.

    Test and Produce the Material

    Once the initial manual is written, have others review and ensure clarity and that information was not overlooked.

    Key Considerations

    A multitude of people may be involved in this task, including the Business Analyst, Developer, Technical Writer, and a Course Developer.