Task: Deploy Solution
Deploy Solution
Disciplines: Release Management


To deploy the solution into production.


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    Main Description

    This task includes finalizing the solution documentation, training the end users and support personnel, and then the final deployment of the solution.


    Finalize the Deployment Package

    To finalize the packaging of your solution you need to define its deployment baseline and you need to perform a "final" build the solution.

    Finalize Documentation
    The majority of the system documentation (operations, support, system overview, and user documentation) is typically written during this phase because the system's functionality has stabilized.
    Annouce the Deployment

    You should announce the anticipated deployment schedule including the expected training and installation dates. You need to train your operations, support, and user communities as appropriate during this task.

    Train End Users

    Training your customers – users, management, operations staff, and support staff – is always an important part of deployment. Remember that your customers may need training beyond that of learning how to work with your application. For example, this may be the first time that some users are working with a PC, a browser, or even a mouse. Similarly, this may be the first time that your operations staff is working with a new technology that your system uses and therefore will need to be trained and educated in that technology to qualify them to work with your system.

    Deploy the Solution into Production

    At this point you will perform any required data conversion, which may be a one-time batch job or a gradual conversion of the data as it is needed by your users. You may decide to run your new system in parallel with your existing system for several weeks to ensure that it actually works in production. You may also choose to deploy your system to a subset of your user community, called a pilot release, to verify that it runs for the smaller group before you choose to "inflict" your system on everyone. You may also need to deploy a version of your software to the support department so they can simulate production problems when users contact them for help.

    Key Considerations

    This task takes a collaborative effort from the deployment team and the operations and support staff.

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