Task: Define and Plan Test Efforts


Identify the specific technique that will be employed to enable the desired testing.




    Determine Testing Approach

    Determine the type of testing that needs to be conducted. From your own experience or others' experience, you have access to identify any existing techniques that fit your specific project. Refer to the following Guidance for different types of testing that you might use: Types of Testing

    Determine Testing Locations

    Determine the locations of where the testing will occur, and the proper equipment necessary for conducting the tests.

    Determine the Testers Needed

    Identify how many testers will be needed and their program area expertise that will be required.

    Determine the Materials Needed

    Identify all the materials needed to conduct the testing. This includes all access needed, etc.

    Identify Acceptance Criteria

    Identify the criteria the solution must meet in order for the customer to accept the solution. This includes failure rates, testing accuracy, etc. Identify if a functionality has to work 100% of the time, if the customer is willing to go live without a particular function, with the understanding that it will be provided at a later date, or if they are willing to go live without the function indefinitely.

    Identify Issue Resolution Process

    Identify how testing problems will be handled, to whom problems will be reported, how problems will be tracked, and the escalation process.

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