Task: Create Project Charter
Create Project Charter
Disciplines: Project Management


To create the Project Charter to be used to authorize the project for moving a project from Concept to Initiation.

Main Description

This task will create the project charter; it will authorize the project to go from Concept to Initiation.


Complete the Charter Form

When moving to the Initiation Phase from Concept, you will either have a Charter signed by the CIO or ISD Chief of Staff, or you will have the minutes from the appropriate Governance Board authorizing the project be moved from Concept to Initiation. If the CIO or CTO signs the Charter, you typically will not have a Project Initiation Request Form; however if the project is authorized through the Governance Board, you would typically have the Project Initiation Form that then serves as the Project Charter.

Complete the fields and have the CIO and/or Chief of Staff.


This is not a required form and many times will be substituted with the Project Initiation Form or the Minutes from a Governance Board, authorizing the project to move from Concept to Initiation.