Task: Conduct IT Governance Meetings


Main Description

Each agency will have an IT Governance Board. The purpose of the board is to: prioritize agency IT projects, review agency resource allocation, create an annual Opportunity Map and IT Budget, approve projects to begin the Initiation Phase, review project statuses and issues, review ISD Service Levels and issues, and approve IT Budget changes.


Schedule Meetings

Governance Boards for small agencies will meet at least annually. Medium to giant agencies will typically meet quarterly. The frequency will be determined at the time the Governance Board is established and their charter is developed.

Create Opportunity Map
Once a year an Opportunity Map will be created for the IT Governance Board to approve. This is a 3-year view of projects that are projected to be started or completed.
Create Annual Budget
Once per year, an annual budget will need to be created for the IT Governance Board to approve. This is typically done in January/February for the next fiscal year. This budget will need to be presented and updated any time budget changes are made.
Create SLA
Once per year, a new SLA will need to be created and presented to the IT Governance Board for review and approval.
Develop Governance Board Slide Deck
At each Governance Board meeting, a presentation slide deck will need to be created that includes: a list of projects ready to be kicked off and moved into the Initiation Phase, proposed budget changes to the Annual Budget, current ISD Service Level Dashboards, staffing utilization charts and outstanding issues that need to be discussed. On an annual basis, a slide deck that includes: a proposed budget and Opportunity Map will need to be created and presented to the Governance Board (this will typically be done in January or February of each year) when SLA Agreements are renewed with each agency.
Hold Meeting
The Business Segment Director will be a member and facilitator of the Agency IT Governance Board. They will need to create an agenda, create the slide deck, and publish the minutes from the meeting and forward them to the Agency PMO or Portfolio Administrator to allow them to update the PPM Tool with the current budget information, approved projects, etc.


This is a required task.