Task: Conduct Annual Review
Conduct Annual Review
Disciplines: Customer Service


To bring to the agency each year a summary of the quality of service provided to them.


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      Main Description

      Partner with BSD in effort to meet with Agency Leadership to provide a summary of subscribed services, ISD and Agency dashboard metrics.


      Create Annual Slide Deck

      Update the Agency Annual Slide Deck that will be used for the review meeting.

      1) Update the Services Framework.
      2) Run Agency Review Query (print off).
      3) Review Agency cases for past year.
      4) Review Issues list from last year’s meeting.
      5) Print off Issues list for all parties.
      6) Create/update Customer Svc Slide Deck (print final for all parties).
      7) Incorporate ISD and agency dashboards results (within slide deck).
      8) Add Incident 1 cases itemized including solution (within the slide deck).
      9) Add Services Framework (within the slide deck).
      10) Add CIO survey results (within the slide deck).
      11) Add Opportunity Map from BSD (within the side deck).

      Schedule Meeting
      Schedule the annual review meeting with the agency by either contacting the agency directly or working through the BSD or ABRM to coordinate the scheduling. Include in the meeting the BSD and ABRM.
      Hold Meeting
      During the meeting review the annual slide deck presentation, addressing any concerns or issues. The result of the meeting will be an annual action plan.

      Key Considerations

      Coordination of availability.