Task: Conceptualize the Project Idea


To identify the problem that the project proposes to solve and the goals of the project.


RolesPrimary Performer: Additional Performers:
    • None

      Main Description

      The first task in any project focuses on defining the overall goal of the project. A project is undertaken for a specific purpose, and that purpose must be of tangible value to the organization. Defining the project's goal is the most important step in the project framework. The project goal aids in defining the project’s scope and guides decisions throughout the project lifecycle. It will also be used at the need of the project to evaluate the project’s success.


      Complete the Initiation Request Form

      The Project Initiation Form is the way that the customer can communicate to the appropriate decision makers about the project that they would like to initiate. It allows the customer to think through the project before submitting the idea to the Governance Board for a decision. The customer may need assistance in completing the form.

      The customer can get the request to ISD in one of three ways:

      A) If they have access to the Statewide PPM Tool, they can enter it directly into the tool as a new proposal.

      B) They can attach the completed form to an email and email it to servicedesk@omes.ok.gov.

      C) If they have access to the CRM system through the Statewide Service Desk Self-Service, they can attach the completed form to the ticket.

      Update Portfolio List

      Once the Request Form is completed, the project will be added to the Portfolio List and put in the Concept Phase.


      This is not a required task.