Task: Submit Current List of Enhancements
Submit Current List of Enhancements
Disciplines: Portfolio Management


To provide the PMO with the current list of enhancements that will be loaded into the PPM Tool.


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      Main Description

      The Software Enhancement module in the PPM Tool is an optional module for non-consolidated agencies to use to track their Software Enhancements. If the agency IT staff elects to use the module and wants help in entering their enhancements, they will need to complete the template. The template will then be used by the State PMO Staff to enter the enhancements in the tool.

      Along with the enhancement list, the agency will need to provide a list of applications and advisory boards to load into the enhancement module as well.

      Key Considerations

      A View access to the State PPM Tool will be required to access the Software Enhancement module.


      For consolidated agencies, this is a requirement. For non-consolidated agencies, they may elect to use their own Software Enhancement tracking system.