Task: Resource Leveling
Resource Leveling
Disciplines: Portfolio Management


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Main Description

Resource Leveling is the technique in which start and finish dates are adjusted based on resource constraints with the goal of balancing demand for resources with the available supply.


Creating the Resource Leveling Report
On a quarterly basis, the PMO compiles the Resource Leveling Report from the PPM Tool for the Resource Leveling Meeting. Refer to the Creating the Resource Leveling Report User Guide for instructions on how this report is created.
Resource Pools are Current
By the 15th of the first month of the quarter, Resource Managers will assure resource pools are current. They are also responsible for naming the resources.
Staffing Profiles are up-to-date
By the first day of the second month of the quarter, Project Managers will assure Staffing Profiles are up-to-date.
Resource Leveling Meeting
By the 15th of the second month of the quarter, the Resource Managers and Project Managers will have a Resource Leveling Meeting, where they will analyze available resources, review resource workloads, evaluate project priorities and determine which, if any, projects will be recommended to be put on hold.
Approved Project List
By the 15th day of the third month of the quarter, the PMO must have the project list approved by the respective Technical Oversight Committee for the following quarter.
Update the Forced Rankings & Put Projects On Hold
The PMO will then update the Forced Rankings on the project list and put all the projects without a Forced Ranking on hold.