Task: Request for Change Evaluation
Request for Change Evaluation
Disciplines: Request Fullfillment


To provide fulfillment of non-routine requests for existing services to existing OMES customers.


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Main Description

Requests received by OMES that have been categorized as "Requests for Change" that are related to existing services, made by current OMES customers, are to be evaluated by individual Service Owners for fulfillment.


Assign Request to Manager for Review

Once the Service Desk has determined that a request is a Request for Change that is related to an existing service and requested by a current OMES customer, the Service Owner is to assign the request to an individual Service Provider Group's Manager for review. As new requests are reviewed, the provider group manager validates each Enhancement Request and sets the priority, determining if the request will require a charge to the customer. If the customer does not need to be charged, the manager will add the request to the work list.

If the customer does need to be charged, a proposal should be built for the customer to accept. If and only if the customer is OK with the proposal should the request be added to the work list. Should the customer not sign off on the proposal, the request should directly have its CRM Case updated and closed.

Add Request to Work List

If a service provider group manager has evaluated and determined a request to not require a charge to the customer, or if the customer has accepted a proposed charge, the requst should be added to the work list.

The work list is a list containg all incomplete Requests for Change, published on the OMES web page on a defined schedule. Initially, this work list is to be published from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but will eventually be replaced by a report from the PPM tool.

Update and Close CRM Case
Whether or not the request is added to the work list, (i.e. if the customer does not accept a proposal) the CRM Case for the request is to be updated and closed after the manager has reviewed and evaluated the request, and the request should be pushed forward to await scheduling and fulfillment.

Key Considerations

Request relation to existing services, requestor's status as a current or non-current customer.


Requests that are made by those who are not current OMES customers or requests that are not related to existing services can be put through the discovery process for futher evaluation.