Task: Request Fulfillment
Request Fulfillment
Disciplines: Request Fullfillment


To process a request within the agreed time schedule.


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Main Description

Requests are to be fulfilled by the provider group from their respective pending queues, whether through the Enhancement Requests queued in the 60 day schedule or through Assistance Requests queued in CRM.


Check Request Queue
Each provider group should be regularly checking its 60 day schedule for Enhancement Requests to be fulfilled, as well as checking its CRM Pending Queue for Assistance Requests to be fulfilled. Depending on which request is being filled at the moment, the service provider will fulfill requests on an individual basis accordingly.

Assistance Requests pulled from the CRM Pending Queue should be assigned to specialists within provider groups to be fulfilled.

Enhancement Requests pulled from the 60 day schedule should have a detailed work plan and estimates drawn up to be updated on the work list.
Fulfill and Close Assistance Requests
Assistance Requests assigned to specialists within provider groups should be fulfilled as the specialists receive them. After the requests have ben fulfilled, the CRM Cases should be updated and closed to notify the customer that their request has been fulfilled.
Fulfill and Test Enhancement Requests

After Enhancement Requests on the work list have been updated with detailed work plans and estimates, the Service Providers are to fulfill the requests and test the solutions provided. Once testing confirms that the request is fulfilled, the Service Provider should determine if the request requires the customer to be charged for the service. If not, the request should be forwarded to the Customer Account Representative to notify the customer that their Request for Change has been fulfilled.

If the Request for Change requires a charge to the customer, the Service Provider should create a case for billing and forward the case to the Customer Account Representative to Initiate the Billing Process.

Bill and Request ASD Update
Should a charge for the service be necessary, the Customer Account Representative is to initiate the billing process, and request an update to the Agency Services Database once the service is live. Once this has been performed, the customer is to be notified that their Request for Change has been fulfilled.

Key Considerations

Request type: Enhancement or Assistance


Requests can be sent through the Discovery process if they are not routine requests related to existing service provided to current OMES customers.