Task: Report Status
Report Status
Disciplines: Project Management


To provide documented history of the project, improve communication of information within the project and across the organization, simplify the process of gathering and disseminating project information, ensure stakeholders receive necessary information, communicate key messages about project progress, and improve organizational support for the project.


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      Main Description

      Project status reporting is a regular, formalized report on project progress against the project plan.


      Weekly status reports should be distributed to provide overall status of the project, with an executive summary describing status for the week and events over the week, milestones, completed tasks, tasks to be completed, red flags, and issues.


      Identify Information
      Identify the information that needs to be included on the status report. Look at previous status reports, WBS, and Project Management Plans.
      Complete Status Report
      Complete the formal Status Report within the PPM Tool.
      Send to the Appropriate Readers
      The weekly status reports should be sent to your stakeholders as outlined in your communication plan.


      Key Considerations

      Formal status reporting is not a substitution for ongoing project communication between the Project Manager, Project Team, and Senior Management.


      All projects will need to report on status.