Task: Plan Elicitation Activities
Plan Elicitation Activities
Disciplines: Business Analysis


To determine the overall process that will be used to gather requirements from stakeholders.


Main Description

The elicitation activites must be carefully planned to ensure all stakeholders are engaged and requirements are gathered from all appropriate user groups. Each stakeholder or stakeholder type should be contacted in order to gather requirements. Gathering requirements from only one or two stakeholders will result in a system that does not meet all users needs.

To elicit is to:

Draw forth or bring out

Call forth or draw out

Requirements elicitation is an active effort to extract information from stakeholders and SMEs.

Elicitation is a technique or way of identifying, collecting/gathering requirements from stakeholders for a particular project or system.


Determine Appropriate Requirements Gathering Methods
Many factors are taken into account when determining what method of elicitation is best for which stakeholder type. Based on their geographic distribution and type of the project, you can determine which method or methods may work best for a specific stakeholder type. For a list and description of the different types of elicitation, please see the Guidance section.
Determine Date of Elicitation Sessions
The elicitation type will determine the%EOL%amount of detail that needs to be determined for the date and timeframe for the elicitation sessions. When conducting a%EOL%survey, identify when the surveys will go out and when you expect them back. For face-to-face requirements gathering, make%EOL%sure the date and timeframe work well with all stakeholders that will be present. Try not to hold sessions any longer than%EOL%three hours at a time and build in several breaks.
Determine Location of Elicitation Sessions
Location of the elicitation meeting will%EOL%depend on the technique being used. When gathering requirements face-to-face from the customer, meeting at the%EOL%stakeholders’ location is preferred. If the analyst feels that there may be too many interruptions, they may request a%EOL%neutral location such as a conference room. When gathering requirements from a group of people an off-site location may%EOL%work best due to space constraints. The elicitation location is determined and agreed upon by the analyst and stakeholder%EOL%from whom the requirements are being elicited from.
Determine Who will Conduct the Elicitation
%EOL%On smaller projects where there is only one analyst assigned, they will be gathering all requirements from%EOL%all stakeholders. In this case the analyst should determine if they will need additional assistance such as a scribe to%EOL%take notes. On larger projects where there are several analysts assigned, the work may be divided up in order to gather%EOL%requirements more efficiently and timely.