Task: Perform Project Management Training
Perform Project Management Training
Disciplines: Portfolio Management


To train the agency IT staff in the utilization of the State PPM Tool and the State Project Framework Processes.


Main Description

The Project and Portfolio Management Training is a two day class that is offered quarterly for all project managers that will need to utilize the State PPM Tool. To enroll in this class, contact the State PMO Office requesting enrollment by creating a CRM ticket, and/or by contacting the Service Desk. You will be notified by email of the next available class.

The class will cover how to utilize the tool for portfolio management, project management and basic resource allocation management.


Schedule the OMES/ISD Training Lab for the two day class, utilizing Outlook
Add staff as requested to the meeting invitation
Assure all staff attending have been setup in the production environment and have a license to access the tool
Two days before the training, create the sign-in sheet, certificates and training packets
Two days before the training, pull the latest material and videos from the PMO Training folder and place onto a USB drive
Pass out the Certificates prior to lunch on the second day of training

Key Considerations

A license and access to the PPM Tool are required of all staff attending the PPM Tool Training.