Task: Parts Maintenance Process
Parts Maintenance Process
Disciplines: Request Fullfillment


To maintain or add parts to the database for billing purposes.


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Initiate Request
The OMES Service Delivery Team that is developing a proposal should submit a request to have a part added or modified in the Billing spreadsheet if new parts or equipment are necessary to fulfill a request. The request should be submitted to the OMES Service Desk, who should assign the Service Request to the ISD Billing Provider Group.
Compute and upload request
Upon receipt of a request to add/modify a part or equipment, the ISD Billing group should compute & document the billing rate, and upload the request with billing information to the CRM. Upon uploading the request, ISD Billing should add the part information to the workorder template, and reassign the ticket to ABS.
Add Billing Code
Upon receipt of the request for part addition/modification from ISD Billing, ABS is to add the billing code to the Billing spreadsheet, PeopleSoft, and republish updated parts lists.

Key Considerations

Part need