Task: Manage Meetings
Manage Meetings
Disciplines: Project Management


Meetings are a critical tool for getting things done. They save time and resources.


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    Main Description

    Managing meetings consists of scheduling the meeting with all resources, creating and distributing the agenda, facilitating the meeting, creating and distributing minutes, and updating project documentation.


    Schedule Meetings as Necessary
    Determine whether a meeting is essential. What are the burning issues that necessitate this meeting? If business can be handled electronically, through phone calls, or with other means, don’t have a meeting. Plan the meeting carefully, ascertaining who needs to be there, why, when, and for how long. Make sure everyone invited to the meeting knows these details.
    Develop the Agenda
    Prepare an agenda and send it to participants. Email makes it easier for people to respond immediately about their attendance or requested changes in the agenda.
    Hold Project Team Meetings
    The Project Team can consist of any group of people that are working on a certain part of the project.
    Update Project Information
    Update the project documents as necessary depending on what was discussed at the meeting. Make sure to send out minutes to document what decisions were made and issues discussed.

    Key Considerations

    All meetings should have a clear and concise purpose; without a purpose there is no direction for the meeting.


    All projects will hold meetings.