Task: Establish Project Review Meeting
Establish Project Review Meeting
Disciplines: Portfolio Management


To establish a calendar for the next year of project review meetings.


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    • None

      Main Description

      The Business Segment Director, with the aid of the Portfolio Administrator, will need to establish a project review schedule. The meeting can be held at any frequency that the Business Segment deems necessary. The recommendation is monthly for large and giant agencies, no less than quarterly for medium agencies and annually for small agencies. The purpose of the reviews will be to review the status of the projects that are in progress, the projects that are in queue and the completed projects.

      Key Considerations

      Depending on the size of the agency and the number of projects, the frequency of this meeting may be as often as monthly or as infrequent as annually. This is determined by the Business Segment Director.


      None, this is required for all agencies that have projects.