Task: Enter Time
Enter Time
Disciplines: Administrative


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Main Description

The purpose of this task is to help employees understand how they are supposed to enter time. This task includes guidance for both consolidated and non-consolidated agencies.


Login to Oracle's PeopleSoft Self Service

Navigate to http://ok.gov/cio/.

Select the Employee Self Service link under Online Tools/Services.

Enter your User ID and Password, and select Sign In.

Select the Self Service link under the Menu
Select the Report Time link under Time Reporting
Select the Timesheet link
Complete the Timesheet

There are five types of time that can/will be entered on the Timesheet:

  • Leave
  • Administrative Time (Time spent in meetings; personnel activities; training that is not related to a product, service or project; general budget, procurement and planning activities).
  • Time Against a Service
  • Time Against Product Support
  • Time against Projects

For each week, you will need to add a reporting line per project worked.

Enter the number of hours you worked on a specific project for each day.

1. Under Time Reporting Code, select RegHr. Except for Leave.

2. Leave the Combo Code field blank.

3. Enter 09000 in the PC Business Unit.

4. Enter the Project, Product of Service ID. (If you do not know the ID, click on the Search button to look for it. If the code is not on the list, time cannot be entered against it. Your supervisor should be notified that an ID has not been set up, so that one can be).

Project Codes:

  • 090D = Products/Department
  • 090S = Services
  • 090P = Projects
  • 0900000000 = Administrative

5. Under Activity ID, enter the agency number the work is being done on behalf of. (If you do not know the Agency number, perform a search and look it up).

6. The Resource Category field should be completed as follows:

  • 40510- If working on an Incident or Problem ticket (only use 090D and 090S project codes).
  • 40520- If working on an Assistance Service Request (only use 090D and 090S project codes).
  • 40530- If working on an Enhancement Request (only use 090D and 090S project codes).
  • 40540- If working on a project (only use the 090P project code).
  • If working on Administrative tasks, use one of the Adm Resource Categories.
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