Task: Discovery Process
Discovery Process
Disciplines: Request Fullfillment


To determine customer needs when requests outside of SLA scope are made.


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Main Description

When requests are determined to be non-routine requests that are not related to existing services or made by current OMES customers with a Service-Level Agreement, the Discovery process is to be initiated in order to determine what service level fulfillment of the request is to be provided.


Documentation and Discovery of New Service

Customer Account Representatives are to document new services being requested for new customers as they are determined to be outside the scope of existing Service Level Agreements. Once documented, the Customer Account Representative should assemble a Customer Service/Discovery Team and perform client discovery. Client Discovery documents what a customer wants, and determines if the customer needs more or less to be done than originally requested.

Upon finalization of Client Discovery, the Discovery Team should build a proposal for the customer and proceed to updating of the service and Request Case.

Update Service and Request Case
After the proposal has been built, the CRM Case for the request should be updated with a file attachment of the PO and Proposal. If this process proposes to provide a new service that was not yet provided by OMES/ISD, the Customer Account Representative should initiate a new Agency Service Database Service.

Whether or not a new OMES/ISD service is to be provided, the Customer Account Representative should determine if new parts and equipment are required to be provided to the customer. If so, the Parts Maintenance Process is to be initiated. After the Parts Maintenance Process, or if no new parts or equipment are required, the request should be sent to await scheduling and fulfillment by the associated provider group.

Key Considerations

Requestor's Status as a Current or Non-Current OMES Customer, relation of the request to an existing service


Requests that fall into existing services provided to Current OMES customers can be fulfilled with the normal Enhancement Request Fulfillment Process.