Task: Customer Billing Process
Customer Billing Process
Disciplines: Request Fullfillment


To accurately bill the customer for work performed in fulfillment of a customer request.


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Initiate CRM Case
Upon initiation of the Customer Billing Process by a Service Owner, the Service Owner should attach a billing change order to the CRM case and assign the CRM case to ISD Billing for further updates.
Update SLA
Upon receipt of a CRM case from a Service Owner, ISD Billing should update the Service Level Agreement with a customer, if needed, and add a proposal to the case as an addendum. ISD Billing should then add notes and reassign the case to the Agency Billing Services, or the ABS.
Update and Reassign Case
Upon receipt of the CRM case from ISD Billing, Agency Billing Services (ABS) should update the contract in PeopleSoft, update the Billing Spreadsheet, and add a note to the case to reassign the case to the Customer Account Representative.

Every month, the ABS should update PeopleSoft with relevant Invoice Information.

Key Considerations

Customer existence in the PeopleSoft Customer Database, existence of service definition, existence of part/service in the service catalogue and parts list


Billing can be done through 4 avenues, as a new service (CRM Request for Change), MOU is created after project or SOW, change order for an SLA, true up of changes attached to the CRM Case.