Task: Create Monthly Status Report
Create Monthly Status Report
Disciplines: Project Management


To communicate the health of a project to stakeholders.


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    Main Description

    The Monthly Project Status is a Monitor and Control Tool used to communicate the status and health of an individual project. It includes two pages of specific information about the project for a detailed status report. The Monthly Project Status is required throughout the Execution Phase. It is created through the PPM Tool.


    Create PDF Report

    Open your project within the PPM Tool.

    Select the Export to PDF Link at the top of the page. Select the following items in the PDF Settings:

    Display Header (Make sure the display title has the name of your project in it);

    Workplan, Milestone Summary;

    Issues, Risks and Scope Changes (If you have any),

     Project Cost,

     Enter your current status in the comment box,

    Select Landscape, Fit to Page Width and click the export button.

    Key Considerations

    Access to the State PPM Tool is needed for this task.