Task: Add Projects, Products, Services to Time and Labor
Add Projects, Products, Services to Time and Labor
Disciplines: Portfolio Management


To add PeopleSoft project codes to the time & labor system to allow IT Staff to enter their time against projects, product support or service performance.


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    Main Description

    Each project, product and service must be created into the PeopleSoft system in order for employees to be able to log time each week to them. During the Steady State activities, the State PMO will work with the agency IT Staff to identify their agency supported products and their initial project list and request those to be added to the Time & Labor system on behalf of the agency. As the project goes from Concept to Initiation, the State Portfolio Administrator will request project codes be created by opening a Service Desk ticket.


    Review Initial Project List

    The State Portfolio Administrator will review the initial project list, if there are any projects in Initation through Execution, then create a list and attach the list to a CRM Service Desk Ticket, requesting new project ID's be created. Name the projects with the agency number then the project description; Example:  265-Student Info System.

    The State Portfolio Administrator will update the PPM Tool PeopleSoft Project ID field with: Requested mm/dd/yy - being the date the new project ID was requested.

    Create PeopleSoft IDs

    The CRM Ticket will get assigned to the ISD Billing Group and they will create the numbers and close the ticket. Once the ticket is closed, the person that created the ticket will get notification that the ticket has been closed and thus the numbers have been added to the PeopleSoft time & labor system.

    The State Portfolio Administrator will update the PPM Tool with the Time and Labor Project ID in the PeopleSoft Project ID field.

    Key Considerations

    If the projects are not setup in the time and labor system, the staff will not be able to enter time against those projects.


    None, this is a required task.