Role: Technical Steering Team
Technical Steering Team
Synonyms: Sponsors, Governance Boards, Review Boards
Role Sets: All-RolesISD Roles


Technical Services Oversight Committee Project ApprovalTechnical Services Oversight Committee ReportingTechnical_Steering_Team

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Main Description

There are 4 layers of Technical Steering Teams for the State of Oklahoma: Shared Technology Services (1), Shared Business Application Services (1), Agency Specific (one per agency) and Cabinet Level (6). Each of these Steering Teams have programs they are responsible for governing. They are responsible for setting their budget and opportunity maps on an annual basis, as well as approving any changes to the budgets or opportunity maps.


Skills The Steering Teams are made up of their respective business areas, with knowledge about their specific business and business needs.
Synonyms Sponsors, Governance Boards, Review Boards