Role: Service Owner
Service Owner
Synonyms: Service Manager
Role Sets: All-Roles


Main Description

Owns a service, which includes supporting the hardware, software, administration and processes of a service. Example of a Service Owner: Desktop Support – owns the service at ISD that deploys and supports personal computers.

Responsible for managing staff of a service area. Ensuring change management tickets are entered for the group, approving change management tickets, reviewing and assigning cases to staff.

Responsible for the review of assigned, escalated and elevated cases for the service group.

Responsible for assuring warranty on newly consolidated agencies for a period of 60 to 90 days.

Responsible for identifying case trends, performing continuous process improvement to decrease cases and for problem creation to enable fixes to root causes of outages and issues.

Is responsible for performing updates, patches, revision level for all products and services that are supported.

Provide Service Catalog and Parts Information for Services Supported.



SynonymsService Manager