Role: Service Desk Representative
Service Desk Representative
Synonyms: Help Desk Representative
Role Sets: All-Roles


Main Description

• Own all reported incidents.
• Ensure that all incidents received by the Service Desk are recorded in CRM.
• Identify nature of incidents based upon reported symptoms and categorization rules supplied by provider groups.
• Prioritize incidents based upon impact to the users and SLA guidelines.
• Responsible for incident closure.
• Delegates responsibility by assigning incidents to the appropriate provider group for resolution based upon the categorization rules.
• Performs post-resolution customer review to ensure that all work services are functioning properly and all incident documentation is complete.
• Prepare reports showing statistics of incidents resolved / unresolved.

The Service Desk Representatives work for the OMES/ISD Service Desk. There are three levels of staff:  Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. They are the first level of support and contact for all OMES/ISD incidents. They are the single point of contact for all outbound email communication for customers of ISD services.



Skillscommunication skills, documentation skills
SynonymsHelp Desk Representative