Role: Service Desk Manager
Service Desk Manager
Role Sets: All-Roles


Main Description

Manages a team who addresses technical and IT support requirements and resolves IT-related issues in a timely manner.


  • Re-engineer or set up your Service Desk according to industry best practices.
  • Get management buy-in for improving the Service Desk by demonstrating greater return on investment.
  • Develop and maintain formal procedures for consistency and increased productivity.
  • Implement methodologies to improve first call resolution, manage customer perceptions, and build strong internal relationships.
  • Choose appropriate technology and other resources to maximize Service Desk effectiveness.
  • Build a qualified Service Desk team through innovative hiring and training techniques.
  • Implement innovative staffing and scheduling models for guaranteed coverage at the lowest possible costs.
  • Develop a customer care philosophy that ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Analyze Service Desk performance through various statistical and reporting methods.
  • Market the image of the Service Desk as a support group showcase that advances the IT vision and strategy.