Role: Proposal Coordinator
Proposal Coordinator
Synonyms: Proposal Manager
Role Sets: All-RolesISD Roles


Main Description

This position is assigned responsibilities related to overall tactical planning and leadership for coordinating the development of information systems proposals to meet agency requirements for information technology needs. This includes radio and telephone services, computer processing systems, application development and other forms of information technology services. Employees in job work with users, senior management and others to identify and define long-range information services requirements, develop a plan of approach, determine costs and resources required, and provide the conduit for the development of proposals for business leadership.



Excellent Communication Skills, Attention to Detail, Ability to work with others in a positive way, Ability to work within product, Excellent skills utilizing MS Office products. Required at this level are knowledge of information technology theories and systems related to the assigned telecommunications area; systems analysis methodologies; data modeling methodologies and tools; the functional area supported; and agency business requirements. Ability is required to analyze agency telecommunications requirements related to the assigned field of information technology; to analyze complex issues related to defining agency business requirements; to communicate effectively, establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

SynonymsProposal Manager