Role: Portfolio Administrator
Portfolio Administrator
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Main Description

The person responsible for maintaining the portfolio deliverables. A Portfolio Administrator is responsible for reviewing the submission of new project ideas and either approving them to move forward for Governance Board review, putting them on hold or gathering additional information with the use of the Project Initiation Form from the customer. Creating the Monthly Project Review Packet for management review. Aiding in the creation of the Governance Board Review Packet. Performing the Close Audit Process on projects requesting closure. Documenting the approval of projects to move through the project phases on behalf of the Governance Board. Submitting projects to the Governance Board for Approval via email in between Governance Boards. Pulling reports from the PPM Tool for Executive and Management needs. Serving as the point of contact for agency staff for modification requests to the PPM Tool setup and configuration. Serving on the PPM Tool Administrator group to represent the agency users.




The Portfolio Administrator must have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

·         Budget and accounting principles.

·         Administrative practices.

·         Organization and planning of work.

·         Communicating orally and in writing.

           Handling various complex tasks successfully.

Assignment Approaches The Portfolio Administrator is typically a Project Manager with the required knowledge, skills and abilities.