Role: Business Analyst
Business Analyst

Business Systems Analyst, Process Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Requirements Analyst

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Main Description

Business Analysts must analyze and synthesize information provided by a large number of people who interact with the business, such as customers, staff, IT professionals, and executives. The business analyst is responsible for eliciting the actual needs of stakeholders, not simply their expressed desires. The business analyst will also work to facilitate communication between organizational units; they work to align the business needs with the capabilities delivered by information technology. They may serve as a “translator” between those groups.

They help to define the organization's goals, how those goals connect to specific objectives, and determine the course of action that the organization has to undertake to achieve those goals and objectives.

The business analyst works to define how the various organizational units and stakeholders within and outside of the organization interact.




Business Analysts should understand how the organization functions in order to accomplish their purposes and help to define the capabilities of the organization in order for them to provide their products or services.

A business analyst should posses the following underlying competencies:

  • Problem Solving - Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Learning, and System Thinking
  • Behavioral Characteristics – Ethics, Personal Organization, and Trustworthiness
  • Communication Skills - Oral Communication, Teaching, and Written Communications
  • Listening
  • Empathizing
  • Influencing
  • Mediating
  • Negotiating
  • Facilitating
Assignment Approaches

A business analyst is any person who performs business analysis activities, no matter what their job title or organizational role may be. Business analysis practitioners include not only people with the job title of business analyst, but may also include business systems analysts, systems analysts, requirements engineers, process analysts, product managers, product owners, enterprise analysts, business architects,  management consultants, or any other person who performs the tasks described in the Business Analysis Discipline.


Business Systems Analyst, Process Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Requirements Analyst