Whitepaper: Making Changes
Making Changes

Main Description

To suggest a change to the Process Framework site:

·               Navigate to the page you are wanting to change.

·               Right-click and select “Select All”, Right-click again and select “Copy.

·               Click the Feedback link at the upper right corner. This will open an email in Outlook.

·               Right-click in the body of the email, Select “Paste”.

·               Make the changes you would like to submit in red.


Changes to the Enterprise Glossary may also be done through the Feedback Link.

Once a suggested change is submitted, it will need to be reviewed by the appropriate methodology owner for approval and input. After they modify and approve the changes, it will then be submitted to the Process Committee Change Management Review Board for approval and impact analysis. This impact analysis gives other methodology owners that are affected by the change a chance for modification and input. Once the change is approved, implementation is completed. Communication of the change will be issued to appropriate roles affected by the change.

If you would like to add an artifact, deliverable, discipline, role or task, please fill out the appropriate template located under the Description section. Use the Feedback Link to create an email, attach the document and submit it for review.

List of Methodology Owners