Reusable Asset: 01.1.1 Purpose and Scope of Operating Standards
01.1.1 Purpose and Scope of Operating Standards


Main Description

1.1.         This document defines the purpose and scope of operating standards developed by and/or for the Office of Management and Enterprise Services / Information Services Division (OMES/ISD).


1.2.         Operating Standards will be developed and published for all areas of the Information Services Division (ISD) providing services to state agencies and partners.


1.3.         Their primary purpose is to ensure orderly and effective development and implementation of all systems and computer programs, effective and economic processing of data through operations for the preparation of all required output, and effective and consistent performance of business processes.

1.4.         In addition, Operating Standards will:


1.4.1. Serve as a major communications tool.

1.4.2. Assure uniformity of operations.

1.4.3. Avoid duplication in publishing procedures.

1.4.4. Serve as a training tool.

1.4.5. Assure adequate documentation.

1.4.6. Reduce maintenance and testing costs.

1.4.7. Aid in revision or redesign of systems and/or programs.

1.4.8. Facilitate Audit Procedures.